Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday 16 june 2010

We found true love by loving truly by heart and soul. Now a days this thing don't matter for one who give importance to outer look. One who love truly can understand the divine of love. By loving truly someone you will find your god in your love.

The story started from talking with my love on phone. It’s our parents has given permission to talk. We were talking first time with each other. But it seems like we know each other very well and became good friend without seeing each other. God has given signal that we both are fallen in love. The day has come when we were facing each other. Both were so nervous and happy. Our parents were asking so much questions. Finally we were alone for a minute. I hope time has been stopped over there so we can spend more time together. We were speechless for a while. Start looking each other. Thinking from were to start .But when we started talking we enjoyed every moment of it. That day has changed our life and become memorable day. We got engaged that day.

As the time was moving our love goes more deeper and deeper. With a love for us was so deep like an depth of an ocean, we has started feeling so deeply as a part of our life. Every moment spent our love is forever fresh. We both are together forever nothing can keep us apart we can't let go even when refuse and say no love will keep us together in fight. We share every good and bad moment together. We will be each other strength, so we can face the obstacle of life together. We love unconditionally, with every thing we are and more than anyone ever thought possible.

As the time and some reasons has separate us by seeing each other daily but our heart can feel each other even we were miles away. We were close in each other hearts forever. Our love is like a flame, often very hot but still only light and flickering. The love tucked deep inside remains on our heart forever. When we were far away, we just look inside our heart because that's where we find each other. We miss each other in every beat of our heart and every second of time and every second of the day.

Time has finally reached when we were together forever. We were just waiting for that day. Nobody in the world can separate us now. We were married and promised each other that we will share every thing and be with my beloved forever.

True Love changes the way of the thinking. I hope everyone finds its true love. God give us indication and will tell your heart if he or she is made for you. You just wait for that indication.